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My Process

The other pages in this site simply showcase what my work looks like in it's finalized form but there is a process to arriving there that explains how I arrive at that final result and why. Here is a brief over view of just that.


To explain my process I have chosen a project where the client, a local brewery wanted artwork for a tap handle for a limited release brew which they had partnered with a local farm to create.


Step 01


The beginning is the part of a project where I brainstorm on the big picture. Wether it's a t-shirt design, a storybook illustration, or a personal project; I either make as many sketches of the possible compositions, make word lists to narrow down my focus, or sometimes even jump straight into the final piece (rarely the case but sometimes it works!).

In the spread above you can see my beginning process for a tap handle design for a limited edition release of a beer for a local brewery. You can see how I was planning what exactly would be in the illustration by using word lists, the layout and placement of logos in the thumbnail sketches, and relevant information, and quick initial sketch of an idea.

Here you can see thumbnail sketches of different ways I can layout the elements (text, logos, imagery, At this stage I consider everything a box and leave the details for later.


Step 02


This part of the process is where I choose one of the sketches from the ideation stage and refine it to a point where I can use it as a guide for the final stages. It's prep work. My goal here is to have composition and general placement of elements figured out with enough breathing room and space so as to not look cluttered and forced.

Very little is "worked out" here; it's more for refinement and preparation for the final phase hence the why I refer to it as the refinement stage. 

If I'm working with a client I will roughly sketch out 1 or 2 other ideas to this level, present it to them and decide together which route to go.


My thoughts during this process are how much of the composition do I want the strawberries to take up v.s. the other elements. Obviously, the brand name is what should draw the most attention but the other elements should support that brand and what it's about.

Step 03


This is the fun part. I refine the placement of elements even further in a digital sketch of the pen/pencil sketch then begin coloring the illustration. In this case I have mocked up what the tap handle would look like.

The final illustration

And here is the finished polished piece.

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